Kotsovolos-Dixons South East Europe deploys Displayforce digital signage solution — Retail Technology Innovation Hub

Kotsovolos-Dixons South East Europe, an electronics retail chain in Greece and Cyprus, has been working on a pilot project with MarTech startup Displayforce.

This has enabled brands to communicate with customers in-store via an AI algorithm. The initiative has also provided stores and visitors with real-time Covid safety information.

“At the end of 2021, Displayforce launched a proof of concept project with Kotsovolos-Dixons South East Europe. The company reinforced brand stands in 11 Kotsovolos stores with smart cameras powered by sophisticated algorithms,” comments Serge Gale, CEO and Co-founder at Displayforce.

“Based on age, gender, hairstyle, beard status, and accessories, the customers receive personalised content on 17 screens in the store’s brand zones and health safety advice depending on the use of a face mask.”

The Displayforce digital signage solution made it possible to adjust marketing content in real-time and deliver targeted ads and promotions to underused screens in brand zones of Samsung, Philips, Bang&Olufsen, and more.

The cameras also measured and analysed the number of store visitors, as well as their dwell time and emotions. Displayforce enabled Kotsovolos-Dixons South East Europe to measure the behaviour of store visitors based on first-party GDPR- and CCPA-compliant metrics.

Following the pilot project, Kotsovolos-Dixons South East Europe is expanding the number of Displayforce powered screens in stores to 100.

“We are glad to find a solution that helps us improve brand area experience, optimise content management, and provide consumers with a fully personalised experience,” says Thanos Troupkos, Head Of Digital Media in Kotsovolos-Dixons South East Europe.

“With the use of smart screens, the number of which is expected to increase at our stores both in Greece and Cyprus by the end of 2022, the physical and digital world are becoming one, and we are inviting visitors to follow us into the new era for a Better Life. We hope to achieve great results having Displayforce as our innovative partner.”