Special Representative on South East Europe welcomes today’s Berlin Summit of the Western Balkan countries

BERLIN, 3 November 2022 – Vice-President Michael Georg Link (Germany) welcomed today’s Summit of the Western Balkan countries in Berlin. In his capacity as OSCE Parliamentary Assembly Special Representative on South East Europe, he has closely followed developments in the region including on the advancement of regional co-operation and progress achieved within the framework of the Berlin Process.Vice-President and Special Representative on South East Europe Michael Georg Link   “I welcome and commend Western Balkan leaders for the noteworthy achievements in today’s Summit”, Link said. “Progress on free movement of people with mutual recognition of identity cards, university degrees and professional qualifications fulfill important preconditions for constructive and efficient regional co-operation while also advancing integration and consolidating regional stability.” 

He noted that the OSCE and its Parliamentary Assembly are longstanding partners in supporting regional progress and assisting countries in the region. The OSCE Parliamentary Assembly has consistently praised and supported the work of the OSCE Field Operations deployed in the region. It’s noteworthy that two countries from the region, Serbia and Albania, have chaired the OSCE in the past eight years and that North Macedonia is diligently preparing to chair the Organization in 2023.  

“I am pleased to witness consistent and prevailing positive achievements stemming from the region recently also in the context of the OSCE. Constructive regional co-operation and a mutually reinforcing relationship between the region and the OSCE benefits the entire OSCE region”, Link added. “I am thankful for the contribution that Western Balkan countries continue to lend to the OSCE and hope that this trend will continue to benefit, first and foremost, the people. “

More specifically on the Belgrade-Pristina talks, Vice-President Link calls on the sides to make the best use of positive regional dynamics so as to match progress in the mutual endeavours. 


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