Tekken Online Challenge 2021 East Europe Masters results

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

The Masters events of the Tekken Online Challenge are still going strong with this particular event focusing on the Eastern Europe region.

Notable players set to participate include IHG|WHY, Exeed|Ghirlanda, Frizen, LMG|MoB, K-Top, Bmblb, Fran, VaanGR, F-Secure|Tenshimitsu and more.

The eligible countries and regions to enter this event are Finland, Ukraine (except individuals located in Crimea), Russia (except individuals located in Crimea), Slovakia, Slovenia, Czechia, Hungary, Poland, Kosovo, Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Romania, Turkey, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova and Greece.

Around 75 players signed up to fight it out to try and grab a piece of the $2,000 prize pool waiting at the end, and they’ll have to fight hard to earn it.

This is a one-day event so just tune in as it starts and stick around until a winner is crowned.

Streaming is being done at Tekken.

1. LMG|MoB (Lars)
2. Bmblb (Kunimitsu, Josie)
3. th3_iNfection (King)
4. Strog (Steve, Lars)
5. Exeed|Ghirlanda (Katarina, Ganryu)
5. Frizen (Leroy)
7. VaanGR (Anna, Lili)
7. Oleginho (Fahkumram, Negan)

9. IHG|Why (Akuma, Geese)
9. Axsor (Noctis)
9. Hamid Feng (Feng, Paul)
9. ScrabbleDestroyer (Kunimitsu)
13. BorisSonic
13. Nikkie
13. K-TOP
13. Walex

• Grand finals, second set: LMG|MoB (Lars) eliminated Bmblb (Josie) 3-1.

• Grand finals, first set: LMG|MoB (Lars) beat Bmblb (Josie) 3-2.

• Losers finals: LMG|MoB (Lars) eliminated th3_iNfection (King) 3-2.

• Losers semi-finals: LMG|MoB (Lars) eliminated Strog (Lars, Steve) 2-1.

• Winners finals: Bmblb (Kunimitsu) beat th3_iNfection (King) 3-2.

• Strog (Steve, Lars) eliminated Exeed|Ghirlanda (Katarina, Ganryu) 2-1.

• LMG|MoB (Lars) eliminated Frizen (Leroy) 2-0.

• Frizen (Leroy) eliminated Oleginho (Negan, Fahkumram) 2-0.

• Strog (Steve) eliminated VaanGR (Anna) 2-0.

• Winners semi-finals: th3_iNfection (King) beat LMG|MoB (Lars) 2-0.

• Winners semi-finals: Bmblb (Kunimitsu) beat Exeed|Ghirlanda (Katarina) 2-0.

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