Tekken Online Challenge 2021 East Europe Regional Finals results

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

The Regional Finals for the Tekken Online Challenge are back this weekend in two regions, with this second one being for West Europe.

The players participating in this one are Phonedo|LMG MOB, Bmblb, Exeed|Ghirlanda, DH|Fran, Strog, Axsor, TEYF|Lakomy and Th3_Infection228.

The Tekken Online Challenge circuit has served as something of a replacement for the game’s traditional tour structure due to the complications worldwide from the COVID-19 virus and now that all qualifying events have been held, the eight highest people in each regional leaderboard will battle it out in their respective areas in a series of Regional Finals.

The format of the event is for the eight players to be divided up in two four-person round robin groups, from which the top two placers then advance to a four-person bracket to battle it out for the top spot of their region.

This is a one-day event so just tune in to the stream and then stick around until the action has wrapped.

Streaming is being done at Tekken.

1. Strog (Lars, Steve)
2. Bmblb (Kunimitsu)
3. Exeed|Ghirlanda (Katarina, Julia)
4. TEYF|Lakomy (Zafina, Law)
5. Axsor (Noctis)
5. DH|Fran (Panda, Anna, Ganryu, Alisa)
7. Phonedo|LMG Mob (Lars)
7. Th3_Infection288 (King)

• Grand finals, first set: Strog (Steve) eliminated Bmblb (Kunimitsu) 3-1.

• Losers finals: Bmblb (Kunimitsu) eliminated Exeed|Ghirlanda (Katarina, Julia) 3-0.

• Losers semi-finals: Bmblb (Kunimitsu) eliminated TEYF|Lakomy (Zafina, Law) 3-2.

• Winners finals: Strog (Lars) beat Exeed|Ghirlanda (Katarina) 3-1.

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