Join SolarEdge Roadshow 2022 touring South-East Europe in May, June

This spring, for the first time, Solar Edge is touring six countries of the SEE region in a series of in-person event programs. The company will present smart solar solutions for the residential and commercial markets in the region’s capitals, Split, Zagreb, Belgrade, Sofia, Athens, and Thessaloniki.

One of the world’s biggest producers of PV inverters set its sights on the South-eastern European market – SolarEdge Technologies is organizing training sessions for installers, designers, salespersons, and distributors in the photovoltaic industry in the region.

Registration is open for coming events

To register for one of these events combining training, business opportunities, and innovative technologies presentations, participants need to register by filling in the form. They will receive an e-mail confirming successful registration.

  • 04 May, Croatia, Split | Register
  • 05 May, Croatia, Zagreb | Register
  • 17 May, Romania, Bucharest | Register
  • 24 May, Serbia, Belgrade | Register
  • 08 June, Bulgaria, Sofia | Register
  • 15 June, Greece, Athens | Register
  • 16 June, Greece, Thessaloniki | Register

According to the announcement, the future SolarEdge experts in South-eastern Europe will learn how to get ahead of their competition. It is an opportunity to learn to calculate the optimal solar energy system size for customers.

Global leader in smart energy solutions

SolarEdge is regularly listed among the world’s top manufacturers of inverters. Based in Herzliya, Israel, and with 16 offices around the globe, the company also addresses a broad range of smart energy solutions through its diversified product offering, including residential, commercial, and large scale PV, energy storage and backup solutions, EV charging, home energy management, grid services, and virtual power plants, batteries, and uninterrupted power supply (UPS) solutions.

The company says its inverters enable users to install more panels for faster charging as they enhance power generation. Furthermore, its Power Optimizers control modules’ performance individually, so issues with some of them don’t disturb the entire system.

The company has just raised USD 679 million in capital and launched a battery to fully integrate energy storage with residential photovoltaics.

SolarEdge, established in 2006, has been trading on the Nasdaq stock exchange in New York City since 2015.

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