Face masks add to $100bn trade between China and central, east Europe


It is well known that much of the personal protective equipment used in the fight against COVID-19 is manufactured in China. But that doesn’t mean European countries don’t play a role.

Czechia-based Respilon group designed a high-end face mask which uses nanofibers coated with copper oxide to provide a sustained protection from viruses. The masks are produced, and also sold, in China, from the company’s base in the western city of Chengdu.

“More and more people are now paying attention to their health and safety and we believe more and more people are open to spending more money on protecting themselves and their loved ones,”Jakub Skopek, the company’s China Country manager told CGTN.

Respilon made 5 million masks last year, in addition to other popular products such as window screens. They are just one company involved in a trade between central and eastern Europe and China which is worth more than $100 billion a year.